Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jurassic Traffic my new dinosaur range has arrived!!

Around this time last year I was asked by one of my best customers who had just recently become a mum if I would help her to refurbish a chair for the baby's room. The baby (more a toddler now probably) was a boy and his room had a green and purple theme. I started working on drawing dinosaurs using my son's massive collection of dino toys and books. It took ages absolutely ages for me to get the drawings done, its hard to draw realistic looking dinos and some of them are quite ugly. Plus my new found (rediscovered) obsession with drawing with my black marker didn't help, there is no erasing with the black marker!  I have to admit that I found it quite a challenge, I had an idea but actually making it look the way I had envisioned took ages, I stopped and started with my client gently reminding me and at last they are done finished and here and I must say I am delighted with them! I only have 5 of them here now but there are more coming in other colorways and they will be available as a coordinating quarter bundle or individually as quarter, half or full yards.  The series, Jurassic Traffic, will be my focus for the next few months so please bear with me while I promote them endlessly x Tara

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