Friday, September 9, 2011

My Beautiful New Fabrics!

my new fabric print, Limeade Irish Ghost Estates
My new designs are finally here, I am so excited they are fantastic! I have been working away on my Post-Celtic Tiger series and I now have loads of new fabrics and new designs in stock Silk Crepe de Chine, Cotton Interlock Knit (perfect for Tshirts), Upholstery Cotton Twill, and Linen Cotton Canvas. The Silk Crepe de Chine is so amazing its a proper luxury fabric. I am working on learning to hand roll so hems so I can make some silk scarves woop woop exciting!

I also did a photo shoot for my brand, Mariposa Designs, with the fantastic model, Tanith, she was great and I got some amazing shots which are going to be used in a local magazine! More about that later but here is a preview of them!  I have to say that I had a head start with this with Tanith being so fantastic and excited to be doing the shoot. I had her hair styled by Fanch from SOA Hairstudio which is a super cute salon located here in Galway on the High Street (downstairs opposite Evergreen) I was going for that glossy curly blow dry look and it was great! I also had her makeup done by the fabulous make up artist Hayley from Mac here in Galway in Brown Thomas. She was great I wanted to have the makeup really bright and colourful and I'm delighted with the results! Thank you Fanch! Thank you Hayley! Thank you Tanith!

I know its ages away but I'm already mentally preparing for Christmas trying to think of crafts I can create be all commercial get those christmas shopper millions. I don't know cards? ornaments? garlands? Anyone have any suggestions?