Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Using Facebook as Mariposa Textiles

When you watch the news or a hip program or even like loose women they are always on about facebook. I made a facebook group last year and hassled everyone I know (all 106) to join it. That was grand and loads of people joined it but it wasn't that great. I didn't put a lot of effort in and there was something quite unappealing about the groups appearance. I was then advised that a page was more accessible, so I created a page, but found I could not transfer over the people from my group to the page! Which is well, just really annoying. Anyways, I formed a page and I have been waiting to promote it till I had really flash pictures and good content to show people. Since Christmas I have been working and working trying to get this business started and had basically nothing happen so I thought maybe I would give the facebook a try. I mean why not use it to promote your brand there is almost a billion people using it now!

So I have been promoting and putting up new pics and talking to people about it and tweeting and blah blah blah and i only have 83 likes its quite depressing! I am not going to get down about it because I think with the introduction of the timeline design the page looks great. Plus I finally had professional product pictures taken. Next step is to do a fashion photo shoot which is in the works but in limbo while I wait for my silk scarves to arrive. So things are looking up! I also made a payvment shop which looks great and its free!
So, so far so good but will I manage to get more likes my god something has to give right? If your reading this you better give me a like or else!

the payvment shop looks amazing I think its nicer then etsy and its free! so hopefully some of these billion users of facebook will start to come my way I think they have dramatically improved how it looks visually and made it easier to display work so I am optimistic!