Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New prints in at last!!

Hi Guys!!

My new prints have arrived at last and just in time to brighten up my days!!

  I have had a funny year, been so broke I thought I could end up out in the streets, Ive been barely keeping it together with a family bereavement, stress about the kids being at home on the summer holidays it was all getting to be a bit much!

When these prints finally arrived it was like a breath of fresh air they are so beautiful and I am so excited to be using them to make some cute pressies for the holidays.

 So now I am sending out a request please!! Please Please please buy something from me! I am sick of being skint, my work is bright and colorful and would be an excellent gift for any crafters, sewers, quilters, grannies, hipsters, old fellas. I can make items special order, I can make a cushion, handbag, headband, or scarf in the print of your choice. Come on!

I will be back in The Galway Market on Sundays, and my work is available from my website, etsy shop, or facebook.   If you are in the Galway area my work is for sale in the new Irish Design shop, 'My Shop Granny Likes It'  on Abbeygate St (near Sally Long's).

My new products will be up for sale mid October and in the meantime all my fabrics are still available to order, you can choose the fabric type, scale of the print to suit your needs.

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