Friday, June 10, 2011

Hustling for Vintage!

Today I had a mad day! I was up to all hours sewing, and sewing, attempting to have my headpieces ready for the VintageIreland photocall! Up this morning bright and early with baby Oisin, who decided to scream for like 3 hours. All while I attempted to organize/catalog/tag a collection of vintage to bring with me to shoot for TG4 as a promo for the upcoming vintage fair at the Radisson on the 19th of June.  Proper Panic stations to the max!
  So we had to be there for 10, and I ran into the pharmacy to pick up some neurofen for teething oisin when I realized that I had left my camera at home! I mean, whats the point of a photo shoot with no camera? The stress of it all! I was standing  in the pharmacy waiting, there was a vaguely familiar mid 40's standing with his leisurewear clad teenager daughter at the pharmacy counter.
The pharmacist came out and saw me and asked me if I had been helped. I smiled and said, not yet. All of a sudden, off to my right, I saw your man like shaking shouting. "we were here first" I was like eek of course. I thought you had already been helped eek!  I then recognized his evil, no craic, gone gray a tad early head. He was one of the monster men that come into the restaurant where I work who like never looks at you just barks. Yuck! Hes even rude to pharmacists! Yuck! His little teenage daughter cringed in the way only teenagers can, looking at me with her pink conjunctivitis ridden eyes feeling my pain at how horrific her dad is. It was all too much, so I bought some solpadine. Going through the usual third degree, claiming to have a migrane of course. Not just a twinge, a hint, of the start of a bad day (the truth eek)
In the meantime my camera had been rescued from the kitchen table. Thank you hon! so I headed off to the shoot. 4 hours of mentalness later we emerged from the bright glare of the Radisson so relived to be finished!
It was an experience! I had never really seen a show being filmed up close and personal. It was interesting seeing the cameraman and the hostess of the show, Loretta Ni Ghabhain, doing their bit. They were so lovely and I can't wait till next week when they will hopefully use the piece on Imeachtai which is a program in Irish. Fingers crossed for subtitles otherwise I won't understand a word.
Hope fully some shots of my clothes and bits will be shown.  It was an interesting experience and I'm just so relieved its done! Thankgod fab Sinead was there from the best vintage shop in Ireland, Public Romance, with the most amazing maxi dresses and vintage swimsuits, so styling and unique. some deadly bits  I cant wait till I have my jewelery line ready to go as she is going to sell it woop woop!
 Her model, Niamh, is wearing a fa vintage playsuit and red vintage sunglasses from Public Romance. I brought alot of my bits as well  I decked out the lovely model Paulina in a vintage mint green ruffled slip. Its beautiful and it has one of those tiny little roses they used to sew on nighties and stuff so cute! Shes also wearing a kelly green vintage double buckle belt. Shes wearing a piece from my jewelry line its made from 2 of my original fabrics and the red beads are coral its hung an a gold chain and backed with felt its lovely!

I also met a load of great people. A oh so stylish, Dublin based, burlesque girl, Ms Harlot DeVille.  A fab hairdresser from Romance hairdressers I was amazed at the amazing styles she could do so jealous I want my hair done.  Helping to get everyone camera ready( they are all so brave), Janette Lesley Lynam. A really talented makeup artist she had everyone looking so pretty! Plus loads of lovely sweet models, Niamh, Paulina, Orla, Rachel, Gemma, and Esther. I'm really looking forward to the fashion show next week and seeing everyone strut their stuff in the vintage fashion show.
So now back to the grind sewing and stressing. I'm taking a wee break tomorrow to go into town and buy a thimble, my fingers are in bits. I'm going to go to a souvenir shop and buy one with like a cottage or a shot from the quiet man on it yes even my thimbles must be twee! Hope everyone can come down to the fair its should be great, there is a fashion show, and a best dressed competition and all my fab wares will be on sale so come and give me your millions! x

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hi guys!  Welcome to my blog! I've had a strange month for my design work. I lost all my new work when Himself encrypted my hard drive in some strange csi computerfacegeek experiment test for his work.  One day my laptop went caput and as we didnt have the recovery cd. The all so important cd which was needed to decrypt the hard drive it was done gone lost so sad! I had started a new line of fabrics which were aimed at kids inspired by the project selvedge competition(dont get me started on that farce) anyways I have 4 of the designs uploaded on the net so I still have them but the rest is gone gone gone. Himself could not remember what he had done with the cd and we looked for like 2 weeks and I finally just said wipe it I need a computer. Needless to say I have now informed him he can take his work elsewhere like his own computer and if he wants a laptop to experiment with he should buy one!

So the new designs are gone which I have decided to consider a positive thing I limited myself in an attemp to satisfy the whole crappy non professional textile ethos of the competition and even my toned down entry didnt get a look in. So feck it maybe its for the best but in the meantime the ones which were not lost in the digital black hole are still about and I'm selling one of them and getting the rest printed up.  So i'm treating all of this as a well deserved lesson

-never ever alter your asthetic to try and satisfy people that want to shortlist like 4 of the exact same owl prints and prints where the people have things upside down in them
-always always back up my stuff!
-I am not mainstream and never will be sad but true and thank god I would hate to be constrained by what I think people will like!

So as these prints are now all on their lonesome its rather liberating. I used my son Iggy's dinosaurs to make the t rex and the triceratops but I was struck for time and found the bronotsaurous online and it sticks out like a sore thumb they say everything happens for a reason These prints were rough drafts for the fab childrens collection I am working on now which is going to be much much better and more maximalist, more me!  In the meantime I have work to do so better go!