Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hi guys!  Welcome to my blog! I've had a strange month for my design work. I lost all my new work when Himself encrypted my hard drive in some strange csi computerfacegeek experiment test for his work.  One day my laptop went caput and as we didnt have the recovery cd. The all so important cd which was needed to decrypt the hard drive it was done gone lost so sad! I had started a new line of fabrics which were aimed at kids inspired by the project selvedge competition(dont get me started on that farce) anyways I have 4 of the designs uploaded on the net so I still have them but the rest is gone gone gone. Himself could not remember what he had done with the cd and we looked for like 2 weeks and I finally just said wipe it I need a computer. Needless to say I have now informed him he can take his work elsewhere like his own computer and if he wants a laptop to experiment with he should buy one!

So the new designs are gone which I have decided to consider a positive thing I limited myself in an attemp to satisfy the whole crappy non professional textile ethos of the competition and even my toned down entry didnt get a look in. So feck it maybe its for the best but in the meantime the ones which were not lost in the digital black hole are still about and I'm selling one of them and getting the rest printed up.  So i'm treating all of this as a well deserved lesson

-never ever alter your asthetic to try and satisfy people that want to shortlist like 4 of the exact same owl prints and prints where the people have things upside down in them
-always always back up my stuff!
-I am not mainstream and never will be sad but true and thank god I would hate to be constrained by what I think people will like!

So as these prints are now all on their lonesome its rather liberating. I used my son Iggy's dinosaurs to make the t rex and the triceratops but I was struck for time and found the bronotsaurous online and it sticks out like a sore thumb they say everything happens for a reason These prints were rough drafts for the fab childrens collection I am working on now which is going to be much much better and more maximalist, more me!  In the meantime I have work to do so better go!

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