Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Reindeer Reindeer Reindeer

Yes I know! Its sick, its wrong, and so commercial to be spouting about the dreaded C-word (Christmas not the other one!!). But I am now self employed and how else am I going to spread the word about the deadly Christmas products I have then to start spouting on about them!!

So now that I have attempted to absolve myself from promoting Christmas in September here we go!!

My fabrics which feature reindeer wandering about are perfect for any Christmas crafts you may be working on.

Or how about this amazing op art green and red light bulb window print so Christmas-tastic

I have available my own design Christmas cards which are available in packs of 6, 8, 10 whatever suits!

So now that I have shared I can go and hand my head in shame, as I have always abhorred seeing holiday decor before thanksgiving! its not even Halloween the shame!