Friday, February 7, 2014

I love the color purple, its the color of some of the most amazing things such as Purple Grape Soda, , the middle of the Agave cactus sometimes it pops up in the most amazing places such as the piles of Bluebells that spring up in my garden each spring, I don't know why they are called Bluebells they should be called purplebells cause they are seriously not blue but purple! I use purple a lot in my work and I love my new 'Grape Soda Space Girl' print its beautiful and would look so amazing in a baby nursery or as stunning curtains or wallpaper.  Speaking of wallpaper I am in the process of getting ready to have my first wallpaper made. I am waiting at the moment for the samples of my new designs to come back before I go for it but I cant wait!!
Its getting close now to Paddy's day and I am trying to figure out what I am going to have as prize for my giveaway. Last year I gave away two all green fat quarter bundles, this year I am thinking of tossing the green theme and maybe going for a 'Green White & Gold' theme or I could just go for it give away a massive selection of other prints such as this gorgeous new ''Park Round The Block From Me' hmmmmm......... Any ideas guys?

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