Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year guys! and farewell to 2013 (thank god!!)

I am entering the new year with piles of plans big and small for the brand and I look forward to sharing them with you.  Dont get me wrong I am glad to see the back of 2013 for various reasons but it was not all bad in 2013!  In fact I can celebrate the fact that my work is now stocked in the lovely Galway shop, My Shop Granny likes It, and I will be doing the weekly Sunday Market so onwards and up!
In the meantime I have loads of amazing fabrics in stock which I will share some new prints and some old but all bright colorful and perfect for the crafts you are contemplating as part of the New year new you plan.

I am planning to overhaul my website (omg where to start) and plow on with trying to get my prints out there and into the hands of fabric hounds, quilters, interior designers, fashionistas and crafters everywhere xTara

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