Sunday, February 24, 2013

OMG Velvet!

I have along history with velvet,  I actually had an early childhood aversion to it. This was due to our crazy (pencil throwing arm pinching) music teacher's daughter.  She was a prissy little fecker and our dislike of her was increased by her sadistic father's teaching methods.  I remember she had this velvet dress and we had some sort of tiff ( I'm guessing I was trying to paw the dress which is what I do now when I see velvet eek) anyways it ended in her telling me her dress 'was velvet pure velvet' and implying that in some way we were beneath velvet, unlike her cultured self of course!  My eventual velvet loving came about from my voyages around millions of thrift stores picking up anything that gleamed or had a lovely print and generally was made out of a highly inappropriate fabric for going out dancing.  I swear, I dont know today how I survived all those years of wearing like a wool dress or like polyester ski pants out in a roasting club?  Usually it resulted in me being a stanky redfaced sweatball I had one beautiful 70's brown velvet collared top. omg I loved it! I only eventually had to give it up as the velvet started to look odd and had like worn away in some places and had like odd no doubt sweat induced stains.

My first ever textile print which I had manufactured was on Silk Viscose velvet. I remember it was insanely expensive and because I had no concept of how big a meter was I got 3??? (yes I still have some of this fabric today).  The amazing thing about the silk viscose velvet was that it was perfect as in interiors fabric, I had it on a pretty 1960's chair and it went through the wars with my toddler son not a bother!  Its such an amazing fabric its proper luxury.  I did however find the silk velvet quite hard to sew, so when I discovered that there was a cotton backed velvet I was so excited to try it.  I have to say I am so so happy with the cotton velvet it has a lovely long nape and such a soft silky texture.  It takes color so well and the prints literally glow its now available to but from me with the print of your choice from €114 - $150 a meter (trust me its worth it)  I have a chair upholstered in it and its now my favorite thing!!
Imagine your couch, chair, skirt adorned in my modern colorful prints in stunning cotton velvet. Available exclusively from my website
Cotton Velvet Print of your choice Mariposa Textiles

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