Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New in!! Dia De los muertos Fabric Day of the Dead

I love Mexico and all things Mexican, this Kona Cotton sugar skull fabric is my latest printed fabric in stock at
 This print originates in a drawing from 2007, I was in my first year of college studying textiles. We had to do a final project and having just returned from a holiday in Mexico I thought Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead would be fun.  I created the sugar skull men using life drawings of people I knew. I cut up loads of photocopies and used tons of glue, gouache paint and black marker and made a massive mess in the sitting room of the shared student house I lived in. This was a collage, painting, drawing which I made as a mock up of a repeat textile. This being my first year it of course didn't repeat just right and I made a big mock up out of loads of photocopies stuck together.  This fabric has been dying to get out since then, its embarrassing to admit but I have been meaning to make it into a proper fabric for the last 6 years! Recently, when I started to suffer a bit of a post holiday mental block while starting work on my new range, I decided to finally tackle it. It actually turned out to be quite an epic undertaking fixing it up. I am so delighted with my results its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes I just used loads of exclamations they are necessary its amazing)  The best bit of all my head is clear, I have been churning out new work like mad. Plus, the small original painting of this has been hanging up in my studio making me feel guilty. hopefully the sugar skull men's hater eyes (which I feel have been reproaching me constantly for having not completed their destiny) will be all beaming!Watch this space for a handbag a.s.a.p. 

or you can make your own creation with this amazing fabric starting from $32/ €25 a yard on my website Dia De Los Muertos Fabric

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