Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm not bragging but o.m.g

The most exciting news was in my phone inbox this morning, was plugged in the Sunday Times! I could not believe it, thought it was a joke or a mistake. But it was no joke, it was fact!
I think I am in shock, I have been an avid Sunday Times fan and there was one stage where I had a running joke that one of our friends was 'The Mole' a sort of secret undercover style stealing reporter psychic vampire. Everything I liked ended up in the times from bed jackets to my crockery obsession. I felt that as a paper it had a haunting grasp on the style and aesthetic I relish.
I have secretly desired aspired to have my work in the Times but I kept my goal to myself inspired by my deep seeded fear that voicing an objective to the universe often seems to result in said dreams crumbling apart as if fate was laughing at me.
So what next on the list? The Millions of course! oh no I said it have most likely jinxed it now urgghh! I cant believe it I am so happy and have to send out a big Thanks! to all of you who have put up with my blogging and tweeting and facebook etc. its has obviously worked! Thanks guys!! ow send me your millions! xTara

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