Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The truth is I have tried and tried to take decent shots of my products outside inside with a lightbox all over the place!  I am not able for it thats it clear and simple I am fine taking random pics, 'the filler' say but nice clear shots where you can see my prints its been a epic saga really. 

I was ranting about this with my friend Sinead and she suggested a Galway based photographer, Mark Conlon, he has been great and has helped me to completely overhaul my website and etsy shop.

Last Friday we took pictures of my cushions, (small plug here guys sorry) which are so gorgeous and full of color, Irish Linen, and made here in Galway. Plus they are only €25 and limited edition perfect pressies for people who are into color, interiors, modernism maximalism everything anything!!

Anyways, I tried for the life of me to take decent pics of them it was a disaster and I gave up. Due to my friend google analytics I have discovered that my home interiors page on my site has been the page where most browsers seem to jump ship offsite and go look somewhere else. Oh why oh why are you guys so fickle? Just buy something for fecks sake!! So now my plan for world domination has focused on this inept area of my image. 

My conclusion (sorry about the rambling) go to the professionals and save yourself a whole lot of time, heartache and have lovely clear images. I want people to stay on my site and possibly spend some money. This week we will be shooting my scarves I cant wait to show you them!

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