Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pattern Pattern Pattern

I have been obsessed with patterns especially those of the 60's and 70's ilk I can blame this obsession on my choice of textile design as my career. When I say career, its a bit of a stretch, career brings to mind work, lots of money, meetings dressed up in smart casual work wear. Obviously working from home in my attic and never making any money was not the career I envisioned but I love it its my passion and fingers crossed if I keep slogging along something will come through for me!

This shoot was my attempt to create images full of pattern from head to toe. Everything in the images (minus the vintage tops) the headgear, jewellery, silkscarf, background fabric mine mine mine. So if you see something you like please give me a shout and I will create you your own custom creation or sell you yards of fabric just ask!! The fantastic model is Tanith McGrath shes brilliant and so fun to work with!

These pictures were created for a local magazine but it was too much :( sad yes but when I was looking at them as thumbnails and they are a bit crazy and hard to see all the bits but all the better for me I am going to flash them about the net like mad!

Have a lovely day xTara

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