Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Light Box Adventure

I am trying to design a website. If you stop now, take a quick look at this blog and take notice of the crazy clashing colors, styles, random spacing. I'm sure you will understand how, for me, this is proving a challenge. I have made up a flowchart map design paper pile of plans which the more I look at them the scarier it seems and a bit overly ambitious. But I've promised myself to do it and I have like no time at all to do it. I am a visual person and I want my site to be pretty. Throughout my time on etsy I have had a weakness, my photos, its hard to take pictures of products! So spurned by my mission to take better pictures I built myself a photo light box using a tutorial I found on the net

Its amazing! lovely bright light everywhere look at the reflection of the blue glass on the back wall so pretty! You can see so much detail, check out every stitch in my Bargello heart. I'm delighted with my light box!  I was meaning to do this for ages but kept putting it off but it was so easy here is the link if you want to give it a go!Handy Light box tutorial

I am going to do some tinkering with my camera settings try some new things the net is great for tips! I used 2 lamps but next time I am going to set it up with 3 as I found it frustrating messing around holding the lamps up and the camera at the same time.  Anyways its taking my work on "my brand" on leaps and bounds. The funny thing is I have been allowing my work to be shown with mediocre photos for ages

I am going to do a marathon session on the dining room table at some point this week to photograph all the fabrics. Its hard to do trust me! Anyways so far so good phew! I better go and work on my website to try and grab those internet millions xTara

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