Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today I made Ribbon French Message Board

Today I made...................

My little sister suggested I should make ribbon message boards to sell and I have been toying with the idea for ages. When I got in this fantastic fabric, "Irish Ghost Estates midi print" I knew I finally had to tackle the project.

Materials I used

Massive wooden frame
Staple Gun, Staples
Yard of Cotton
Polyester wadding 2 yards

I took the frame and stretched the wadding over it stapling it and pulling it taut. Next I stretched the fabric over the frame.  Then I gathered up ribbons. I think to have uniform ribbons on it you would need like 6 7 meters of ribbon. I didnt have that much to hand so I opted for going with loads of differnt ribbons in the tones which are in the print, Black, Brown, Green, White. I included a few sparkley fancy ribbons, lacy ribbons, and polka dots. I then pinned the ribbon on making sure to space the ribbons properly. (make sure you do this before you staple!) I then stapled all the ribbons into place. It looks amazing and will solve a messy problem in my house all the silly flyers, bills, drawings, cards which have had no where to go Perfect!

These can be made to order in the print of your choice for 90 euro

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  1. Love it! Its a proper "grown-ups" pin board, very stylish.